HTML5 User Guide / Rules


1.         Overview

You play our Blackjack game against a dealer. The dealer has eight decks of cards, all mixed together. The purpose of Blackjack is to have a hand as close as possible to 21 by adding the values of all the cards received on that hand, without exceeding the amount of 21.

2.         General Specifications

Blackjack type







after each round


1 split allowed (up to 2 split-hands)



Even Money




Dealer Checks for Blackjack

when the Dealer's face up card value is a ten-value card or an Ace, the dealer does not check for Blackjack

Table limits


Available chip stacks

1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50



In the event of technical difficulties resulting in a dropped connection to the game server, the game you were playing is saved automatically and will load the next time you establish a connection to the game server.

2.1.     Disconnection during the game

·     Disconnection while cards are being dealt – once the player logs back to the game, the cards will have been dealt. If the game was not completed, the player needs to complete it. If the game was completed and a win is involved, the prize will have been added to the balance.

·     Disconnection after cards were dealt – the game resumes from the point of disconnection using the previous settings.

Note: In case of malfunction all pays and play are voided; any bet that was not yet accepted will be voided, any bet that was unsettled will be refunded

3.         Minimum Requirements

·     Android 4.0+

·     iOS 4.0+

·     Windows Phone compatible (may be subject to minor graphical issues)

4.         Layout

The bet area on the Blackjack table is represented by the circle situated in the middle lower part of the table. The cards you receive are displayed on the lower side of the table and the dealer’s cards are displayed on the upper side of the table.

The table has the following other sections:

·     the top left: section:

o     the game settings button Description: – tap to view the available game options, the history section, the statistics section, the gestures section, the actions section or the quick rules section

o     the home button Description: – tap to open the home page in the same browser window

·     the middle left section: the chip stacks

·     the top right section: the current balance and current bet displays

5.         Game Rules and Settings

The default chip denomination selected is 5.

5.1.     How to play

In Blackjack, you play a hand against the dealer's hand. The dealer must draw on 16 and stand on 17 or higher. If you have busted all possible hands (over 21 in value on all possible hands), the dealer is not required to draw additional cards.


·     Bust – when a hand goes over hard 21, it is called a “Bust”.

·     Blackjack – when the sum of the first two cards of a hand is exactly 21; Blackjack beats regular 21.

·     Push – the player and the dealer have the same card total; the bet is returned to the player.

·     Hard hand: Any hand without an ace. Also any hand with an ace where the ace must be counted as a 1 to avoid busting.

·     Soft hand: when an Ace can be counted as 11 without the hand going over 21.

To play Blackjack, follow the next steps:

Step 1

To start the game you must first place a bet.

To select another chip stack, on the currently selected stack, swipe up or down.

To place the Ante bet, tap on the currently selected chip stack or tap on the BET area to place a chip from the currently selected chip stack on the table.

Each tap places one chip. You can place as many chips as you want on a bet, but keep in mind that the bet value cannot exceed the maximum table limits and has to be covered by your credit balance.

Note: After you tap the DEAL button you will not be able to select a different chip stack until after the game concludes.

Step 2

After you place your bet, you have the following options:

·     DEAL – tap the DEAL button  to start the game

·     CANCEL – tap the CANCEL button  before you start the game if you wish to cancel your current bet and place a different bet

Step 3

After the game starts and you receive your first two cards, the following options can be available, depending on the presented situations:

·     HIT – tap the HIT button Description: if you want to receive one more card

·     STAND – tap the STAND button Description: if you are satisfied with your current hand and want to end the game. When you tap this button, the dealer reveals his hidden card and draws other cards if necessary.

·     DOUBLE – after you receive the first two cards, tap the DOUBLE button Description: to double your ante bet.
You receive a third card, face up and the dealer reveals his hidden card and draws other cards if necessary.
Please note that if you use this button, you will not be able to receive any more cards for the current hand. The ‘double’ option is only available for the first two cards. After a split, the ‘double’ option is also available only for the first two cards of each hand.

·     SPLIT – if your first two cards have the same value, you can tap the SPLIT button Description: to split your current hand into two different hands. Each of the two hands contains one of the first two cards and a new card received after the split. Note that the second card for each hand is received when that hand becomes the current hand.
You play each hand independently, the current hand being highlighted with an arrow above it.
This option places the initial bet on one hand and a new bet equal to the initial bet and deducted from your credit balance, on the other hand. You now have a bet, equal in value, on each of the two hands.
You may ask for as many cards as you want for each hand, when that hand is the current one, as long as their value does not exceed 21.
Please note that after the split, an Ace and a ten-value card only count as 21 and are not considered a Blackjack.
You can only split one time per betting zone.

·     INSURANCE –you will be asked if you want to place an ‘insurance’ bet when the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace. This means that you make sure you do not lose the entire bet if the dealer has a Blackjack by placing another bet on insurance, which has a value of half your Ante bet. The insurance option is only available if you do not have a Blackjack. In case you have a Blackjack and the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, you will be asked for ‘EVEN MONEY’.
If the dealer has an Ace and a ten-value card, you lose the initial bet but win 2:1 the insurance bet.
If dealer’s face down card is not a ten-value card, you lose the insurance bet and the game continues as normal. Note that you cannot split nor double after you place an insurance bet.

·     EVEN MONEYyou can choose ‘EVEN MONEY’ when you have Blackjack and the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace. If you take ‘EVEN MONEY’, you win 1:1 on your initial bet and the game ends. Even if the dealer has Blackjack, you win instead of having a push.

Step 4

Any winnings are added to the balance, and you have the possibility to:

·     play a new game by tapping the NEW GAME button Description: and then proceed to Step 1

·     place the same bet as the previous game by tapping the REBET & DEAL button Description: and then proceed to Step 3

Note: After a game session restore, the REBET & DEAL button will not appear. If your balance does not cover an action, a dialog window will be shown informing you of this.

6.         Payouts

Bet type


Ante bet





2:1 the insurance bet

Even Money


The Ante bet is won when the player’s hand is closer to 21 than that of the dealer’s, without going over 21.

7.         Card Values

All cards come in four suits: Spades, Diamonds, Hearts and Clubs. All suits have equal rank.


Card value


























1 or 11

8.         Game settings

To view the available game setting, tap the game settings button Description: To return to the table, tap the BACK button.

8.1.     Game options

This is the default section of the settings displayed. To return to this section, tap Description: In this section you can:

·     tap Description: to open the home page in the same browser window

·     (if available) tap Description: to log in

·     (if available) tap Description: to go to the cashier

·     (if available) tap Description: to share the game on the available social networks

·     tap the Sound button Description: to turn the sound on or off

·     tap the Gestures button Description: to turn the gestures on or off

8.2.     History

To go to this section tap Description: In this section you can view a history of the hands played as well as the winnings per hand (where it is the case).

8.3.     Statistics

To go to this section tap Description: In this section you can view statistics for the current game session.

8.4.     Gestures

To go to this section tap Description: In this section you can turn the gestures on or off and view the available gestures.

Tap the Gestures button Description: to turn the gestures on or off.

8.5.     Actions

To go to this section tap Description: In this section you can view the available actions that you can take during the game.

8.6.     Quick rules

To go to this section tap Description: In this section you can view quick rules for game.